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Residential Services

Who We Serve

We’re proud and honored to provide the best mental healthcare and substance abuse treatment to teens in Native America. Our staff and treatment team live in the very communities that we serve, and therefore a great deal of empathy and understanding is brought to each customized treatment plan. Being a teenager comes with its own challenges, but often Native American teens especially find themselves poorly understood. Our knowledge, experience and respect of the cultural traditions that make growing up Native so unique help us to usher in a successful recovery for every client, every time.

Our Approach

At Butterfly Healing Center, we take a person-centered, holistic approach to treatment that zeroes in on the whole client: their mind, their body, and their spirit. For teens who have found their lived experiences ignored or misunderstood at other treatment centers (both residential and outpatient), we hold space for the exploration of spiritual and cultural traditions important to Native American families and communities.

A focus on the importance of traditions, when melded with Western medicine, brings about transformation and change for both the client and his or her loved ones and community. Experiential, trauma-informed therapy is implemented in a unique way for each client, taking each one-of-a-kind lived experience into account to build the best path toward success.