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What We Believe

We Believe

Recovery and Growth

At Butterfly Healing Center, we believe in people’s intrinsic ability to heal, and that with recovery, transformation can occur and that one’s story can be rewritten.

Substance abuse and mental health disorders don’t have to be a life sentence, and healing doesn’t end when residential treatment does…in fact, it’s just the beginning.

Our strength- and experience-based approach empowers clients with the skills necessary to grow, change and mature into adults with healthy coping mechanisms for their triggers. When people’s natural resilience and a newfound network of peer and staff support meet a unique melding of Western medicine and traditional healing methods, major change can occur that will lead the client on the path to a recovery that will last for a lifetime.


Peer Support

The path toward recovery and healing isn’t one that is easily walked alone. The support of loved ones is key, of course, but the understanding and encouragement of a teen’s peers is just as vital.

That’s why Butterfly Healing Center works to cultivate an environment of openness and honesty with one another. In residential treatment, conflicts can arise due to the nature of being around so many people in such close quarters, and these differences and conflicts are resolved through communication in mediated settings.

 When our clients communicate with each other in such a manner they realize they aren’t the only ones struggling, and that they have more in common with their peers than they may have realized previously.


Community Contributions

When individuals thrive, so does the community as a whole. With recovery and sobriety come new responsibilities, both to oneself and to one’s environment, and where better to start giving back than in one’s own community? At Butterfly Healing Center, we understand and deeply respect the cherished place of the community in Native America, as well as how important it is to help maintain the traditions that have been passed down for generations. That’s why we place such an emphasis on giving back to the community and contributing in a healthy and productive way.

Our residents, both during and after treatment, work together to improve the quality of life for those at home and for future generations as well. Through things like artwork, mentorship and care for the environment, community contributions enforce the idea that clients share the world with others and that their impact, positive or negative, has significance.


Dignity and Respect

At Butterfly Healing Center, we believe strongly in each and every client’s ability to change, heal and transform their own lives and the lives of those around them in a positive manner.

Substance abuse and mental health disorders in Native American teens do not signal the end of opportunities or the end of possibility. In treating our clients with dignity and respect and holding space for them to in turn treat themselves in that way, we lead them to the conclusion that their lives are not over but in fact are just beginning.

Healing, Education and Learning

At Butterfly Healing Center, the learning never stops. In addition to an accredited program that leads to high-school graduation for the vast majority of residents, we offer classes in life skills that will assist in finding employment and improving day to day living during sobriety and recovery.

During treatment, every day is filled with moments of discovery and introspection for our clients. Exploration of cultural traditions and spirituality is respected, supported and encouraged, and when the mind, body and spirit are aligned and in balance, that’s when true healing and transformation can happen.