Butterfly Healing Center is not accepting new patients at this time.

About Butterfly Healing Center

Butterfly Healing Center is a residential behavioral health and substance abuse treatment program for native youth that serves the unique needs of a population often underserved in traditional treatment settings. While teen years have unique challenges across every population, Native American youth in traditional treatment centers often find their cultural traditions and lived experiences ignored or misunderstood. Butterfly Healing Center’s goal is to provide a safe, nurturing place of healing for youth aged 13-18 from all tribes across the U.S.

Our treatment model honors each one-of-a-kind client and his or her life journey by instilling a sense of personal responsibility and hope. While working toward personal recovery and growth while maintaining a sober lifestyle, each teen also engages in peer support, learning from and listening to others in the program and helping them on their own roads to recovery.

A special emphasis is placed on the importance of the community each teen calls home, and each teen in the program creates a unique way to give back to their community by honoring cultural traditions, spirituality, and the value of family. In addition, Butterfly Healing Center is its own community, and teens in the program are provided with opportunities to take on leadership roles and put their ideas into action in a constructive and positive way.

At Butterfly Healing Center, the learning never stops. Every resident is provided with accredited education options, and 9 out of 10 residents successfully graduate from high school.