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Butterfly Healing Center’s goal is to
provide the highest quality behavioral
health care in Native America.

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Who We Are

A residential behavioral health treatment center for youth ages 13-18, Butterfly Healing Center has a holistic focus and takes a strength- and evidence-based approach to care. With the goal of providing the best mental healthcare in Native America, we respect and honor our residents’ cultural traditions. As a part of the Circle of Life family, we actively work toward a future where traditional treatment methods coexist with Western medicine and where communities are self-sufficient and thriving.


Substance Abuse in Native America

Studies have shown that Native American teens try drugs and alcohol at a younger age than their non-native counterparts. Early experimentation often leads to substance abuse, and substance abuse is detrimental to families and communities and leads to a wide range of social problems. Violence, unemployment, delinquency and even death by overdose or suicide are sadly very common. But at Butterfly Healing Center, we don’t see tragedy waiting to happen when we see Native American teens suffering from substance abuse and mental health concerns. We see potential for changed lives, rewritten stories, rebuilt families and communities, and a greater quality of life.